Caspian Group / WHY CASPIAN


Every company needs to have a competitive advantage and core focus. At Caspian Group we strive to deliver high level services through the following values:

Radical Transparency

Our investors have access to our asset management platform and at any time are able to login and see performance of their portfolio in real time

Absolute Alignment of Interests

We offer a preferred return to our investors before receiving our share of profits. Our commitment is to provide an above market yield to our investors and partners

Focus on Long Term Relationships

We place a lot of value in long term relationship with our partners, investors and clients

Owners Approach to Asset Management

Since we co-invest in all our assets, we manage and lease them with owners’ mindset to maximize the cash flow and increase long term value

Local Market Awareness

We invest where we live, always aspire to stay on top of local trends and understand our market